Gianna Carrano Suñè lives and works in Milan.

In 1994 she participated in the show “Chandelle verte” [Green Candles] on pataphysical arts organized by eight art galleries on via Maroncelli in Milan with her story “La scatola alla ricerca del suo contenuto” [The box in search of its contents]. On this occasion, she also created a sculpture in the pataphysical spirit to represent the story visually, with oral commentary by Alessandro Bergonzoni In 1995 she published Racconti Legati [Tied Stories] with art editor Severgnini. This is a collection of stories connected to each other through the pictorial participation of several artists who shared signs and words. Chiesa degli Angeli. In 1996 she published Il Namoro (ed. Severgnini) coordinating her writings with the work of three painters and two poets. Spazio Fornasetti. In 1996 she presented a series of unique books at the Avida Dollars art gallery within the show “Contemporanea...mente” [] In 1998 she created the work Parole in fumo [Words in Smoke], a collection of texts on the subject of the flimsiness and volatility of words, with the collaboration of several editors who donated their books on their way to be scrapped, giving them to the public and thus making it possible to salvage “words in smoke.” In September 2000, sponsored by Rexona, she was a special photo-correspondent at the Venice film festival. In her book Peccati d’Artista [Sins of an Artist], she photographs and describes a series of meetings and interviews on the subject of sin with major Italian and foreign artists including, Eduardo Chillida, Maurizio Cattelan, Valerio Adami, Mimmo Rotella, Emilio Tadini, Marc Kostabi, Aldo Mondino and more. Ritratti in Maschera [Masked Portraits] includes a series of photographic portraits of people hiding their faces behind glasses&tags. The glasses are considered the new metropolitan masks, but instead of concealing us, they reveal our belonging to a specific urban tribe. Studio Zeta – 7 March 2003. September 2005 - The exhibit “Ritratti da Leggere” [Portraits for Reading] takes place in the historical seat of the Biblioteca Comunale of Como within the literary show “Parolario.” It offers a series of photos tied to the theme of reading, as the subjects are always photographed with a book to evoke their relationship with reading. “Scambio di vedute” [Change of Views] collects a series of photos where the use of the architectural structures in a reduced scale is an attempt to rid these things of their dominant characteristics and to reverse their roles and views in a kind of map describing inner landscapes. Chiostrino di S. Eufemia – Como. “Siamo tutti appesi a un filo” [Hanging by a Thread], opened on February 2009 at Fondazione A2A – Energy Museum, supported by Comune di Milano and Kilometrorosso, the park of science & technology designed by Jean Nouvel. The exhibition is about balance and precariousness with subjects hanging acrobatically, searching for balance on the edge of an abyss. On April 2009 the exhibition ‘Hanging by a thread’ throughout the show FuoriSalone was presented in the art &design space EntrataLibera in Milan.

2011 MILANO PHOTOFESTIVAL March 24 – April 20/ 2011 Gianna Carrano Suné - solo exhibition at Art Gallery La Torre - Milano. April 2011 - Installation MIB - Milano

2011 HANGING BY A THREAD March Gianna Carrano Suné - solo exhibition at Art Gallery La Torre - Milano.

2012 TUG OF WAR exhibition at Garage Milano Gallery

2012 ORT SAUVAGE opening at Spazio Kryptos – Milano – a series of photographs on vegetables as exuberant flowers and sumptuous.

2013 FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA March – Spazio Kryptos Gallery – Milano Photo Festival 2013

Gianna Carrano Suné writes and photographs on the web-site magazine and blog Coolmag/.it on matters of custom cinema&culture.